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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Water" - Ella Myrell

The song begins with Myrell singing “Dreaming of..” it definitely has ethereal vibes to it, with both her voice and the instrumentation. The lyrics continue to hint at wishful type thinking with Ella singing “And if I did...”. The song speaks further “I could...”, Myrell finds herself encapsulated by the idea of this love, what it could be, could mean. But ultimately, the love doesn’t appear to be enough, and the relationship feels one-sided. Speaking solely from a listening standpoint, the song appears to be very upbeat, energetic, light and fun. However, once you zero in on the lyrics, you find that there’s more than meets the ear. Myrell is describing the heartache of investing too much of yourself into a dead-end relationship.  

The picking up of the instruments as Myrell sings “All I ever did..” is the making of pop bops. So, you find yourself bobbing along while also analyzing the lyrics. Later in the song, Myrell notes that “Now there’s water under my feet.” She says that the water is there both because she “falls harder” with each word her significant other speaks and, also, because she “cried”. With this song, we take a deep dive, if you will, into the effects of a strenuous relationship. Even after it ends, you find yourself overthinking every little thing you’ve done. Myrell speaks about how all she “ever said was nothing that’s in my head.” So, pointing out the fact that she didn’t trust her own instincts or thoughts and only said or did what she thought her partner wanted. Sort of diving deeper, she is reminiscing about this time in her life and more than likely felt as if she was drowning in this new found unwanted identity she’d adopted. Perhaps she felt herself blinded by the “hunger” and “fire eyes” she had for this person. As one does in a relationship, she developed tunnel vision, but now, in hindsight she sees how it affected her and has learned from her past about what she does and doesn’t want out of a relationship. Ultimately, Myrell’s single is a cautionary tale to never let your feelings cloud your judgment and to always remain true to yourself.  

Hailing from Sweden, Myrell is a relative newcomer to the scene. The 23-year-old has stated in her bio that music and writing has always been close to her heart and that moving to the country helped make things finally click for her and thus, began her musical career. She describes her music as power pop and her power pop has helped her amass hundreds of followers across her social media. Myrell has also stated that her music mirrors her inner reflections as she navigates the world around her and how it affects her. I do feel as though this is shown through her music and wish her nothing but the best in her endeavors. Follow Myrell on her musical journey by following her at her socials below!  

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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