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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Weigh Down" - Katanak

"Feeling like I'm on the weigh down; can't nobody tell me where to go; feeling like I've lost control of the person I want to be, the person I want be; YEAHHH" are the tell-tale words on the chorus of Katanak's new hot single titled "Weigh Down." Katanak is very cheery on the song, but the message here has a great deal of substance to it. When you doubt yourself as a human being, you either give in to it OR you pull yourself back up and learn from past mistakes. Katanak is coming from the optimistic side with self-doubt and self-worry really putting many on a landslide of where they can't get over their pessimistic thoughts about themselves! Very well done here!

This song is hella cool and full of tasty waves! There's so much energy to the instrumentation with the drums knocking in the background at a mediated level and the California-surf-style guitar being an integral part of the jam here. The cadence and control of Katanak's vocals are superb with the chorus being the major highlight of the vocal abilities on this song. It almost feels like a jam that you could play on the Gold Coast in Australia while you're swimming and surfing with all the dudes and babes AND THE BEER FLOWING AT SUNSET! This is a model of perfection for a summer jam!

Katanak is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Australia whose mission as an artist is to strike energy into the listeners with his songs while contrasting that with semi-conscious lyrics that people can take key messages from. Katanak really puts the dance theme into the indie-pop landscape and is planning on staying longer on the dance floor with more to come from this guy including touring, future singles, future albums, etc! Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor

Photo Credit: Gabi Rankine



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