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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "What Got Into You" - Foley

Innovative pop duo Foley release new single “What Got Into You.” This track tells an all too relatable tale about the constant run of the rumor mill. There’s no greater betrayal than having someone you thought you trusted go around and share the words you believed were confidential. Some people will smile to your face, and stab you in the back. You have to be careful who you share your business with because some folks will choose gossip over loyalty any day. It’s humbling to realize you’d go to the grave with secrets for someone who makes a game out of being the town crier. Growing up is realizing a small circle imbedded in trust is worth much more than fake smiles and mal-intented people who pose as friends. You can know exactly who you are and what you have, or haven’t, done, and a rumor can still get to you. Perception is everything, and no one wants their name or reputation tarnished by untruths. “What Got Into You” is the quintessential track to get over disloyalty and realize you’re better off without someone who lets fame, fortune, and fodder overrule friendship.

“What Got Into You” is Foley’s lead single from their highly anticipated album Crowd Pleaser. Their newly released, debut album is a dance pop record that explores deep themes regarding the human experience. Foley is known for their infectious rhythms and crystalline vocals, and this album is no exception. Crowd Pleaser is intentionally reminiscent of living life in your twenties - a mixed bag of emotion and experiences. “What Got Into You” was a collaboration with longtime producer Josh Edwards, and they explored what happens when a rumor gets out of hand and takes on a life of its own. This track is sure to get you on your feet or taking the long way home with the windows down to drown out the inevitable lyric screams. There's a rumor going around that this song will be on repeat, and this time it's true!

Foley is a pop duo made up of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett. The multi-instrumentalist team electrify with their forward-thinking sound. A singular organism in duo form, their boundary pushing formula bears all the gleaming hooks, infectious rhythm patterns and deft arrangements required for success. Their ultimate goal is to bring souls together through their craft. Ash and Gabriel write music that bonds people in their life experiences. Whether someone is in a low or an all-time high, they want people to connect and heal through their music. Foley’s mantra is simple, “to make people feel like they are part of something, regardless of if that thing is huge or tiny, music is about community and coming together.” Foley’s album, Crowd Pleaser, is for all the ups, downs, and little moments in life that make the biggest impact.

Written By Grace Chapman



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