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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "What's Love to You?" - DeCC

What's Love to You? is a new-wave pop banger touching on the intricacies of modern-day romanticism, delivered through the gaze of a young lover infatuated with his counterpart. The song's opening line "She's the king of song you play forever I'm obsessed" sets the tone as the rest of the track entails a head-over-heels love affair between its protagonist and the target of his affection. Filled with hyperbolic lines reflecting the best form of love bombing, What's Love to You? oozes young adoration as DeCC continuously spits bars that make even the most earnest romantic second-guess if he truly loves his partner enough thanks to just how poetically Chan wears his heart on his sleeve. As he serenades his lover, DeCC makes it clear that the way he feels is seemingly unmatched and he only wishes to know if his love-drunk stupor is one-sided or if his partner feels the same way – singing "I wanna skip the stupid things, I wanna know what love is like for you". You can truly feel the intimacy and attachment conveyed through the lyrics of this tune, epitomized in the line "The perfect kinda lover but also your best friend", and is sure to be a hit with all of the lovestruck romantics out there.

The latest single from DeCC starts off with a fat synth swell that filters open, before firmly cutting out, never to be heard in the track again. After the very brief intro, Caleb's voice enters with a sweet piano accompaniment. Most of the song consists of one track of Caleb's voice with a tasteful dose of reverb. While the lyrical themes and chord progressions are fitting for the ballad of any era, the production of this track is slightly more modern. Throughout the chorus sections, an ambient pluck is introduced to help deepen the atmosphere and emphasize the piano chords. The piano track is the only steady piece in the instrumentation that supports the main vocal the entire time. Towards the end of the song, the vocal tracks stack together with more layers and ad-libs to push into a finale. The song really climaxes at the end when DeCC enters into a falsetto vocal run that leads into a final, concise hook to finish off this sweet ballad.

Caleb Chan, aka DeCC, is a singer-songwriter from the San Francisco area who is signed with Nebula Records. Having grown up playing the piano and guitar, Chan began making original music at the age of 12 before eventually releasing his first album, Numbers, in 2019. His artist name, DeCC, is a product of combining his birth month, December, and his initials, CC. Initially, DeCC self-taught himself to produce, mix, and record using a gaming headset and his laptop – before upgrading his gear and becoming proficient with fl studios. Fast forward a few years and Caleb has shown immense progress with his music, having had the opportunity to produce for rapper HunnaV and also co-release his EP Luv and Other Stuff with Critics Approved. His singles Put You First and On My Necklace both reached 100k streams on Spotify and the release of his track What if we met on the moon? garnered him admission into the ultra-prestigious music school at NYU. Things are only looking up for this young talent, so make sure you follow his ascent closely over the coming years as he is sure to blow up in due time.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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