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  • Giselle Morales

Review: "What We Wanted" - Jordan

Jordan, "What We Wanted," Cover Art

There’s something really beautiful about a rekindled love. Sometimes the timing isn’t right and both people have to go their separate ways to realize what they really want. Jordan’s single, “What We Wanted,” from her new EP, Driven Back To Love, tells the story of former lovers who cross paths again and realize that their feelings for each other never went away. It's poetic, passionate, and romantic, really. While some may see rekindling a romance as simply getting back together with an ex, it takes two mature people to come back together and value, recognize, and respect each other’s growth. The chorus, “And it’s been a whole year wasted since I denied that all need is you // And now we’re standing right here lost in each other’s eyes. Does it feel like deja-vu? // And it’s true that I, I don’t want someone new // Baby I can see it so clear, it’s always been you and I, there’s nothing you can lose,” really encapsulate the love and growth between two people who found their ways back to each other.

“What We Wanted” is about a rekindled love and the smooth, synth-pop vibe and flow, effortlessly match the song’s journey of re-sparking an old flame. The vocals in this song are also take things to another level. The seamless harmonies between Jordan and her producer Cione match the heartfelt, magnetic energy that the lyrics exude. The bass beat that also echoes behind the track’s instrumentals, adds a slight sprinkle of R&B flare that lends itself nicely to the overall feel of the song. What’s also interesting about this song is that we hear Cione’s voice first, before Jordan’s voice comes in on the first chorus. Typically with features, we don’t normally hear the featured artist’s voice until about midway through the song, and this arrangement in particular, was really refreshing.

Jordan is an Irish artist who has found her sweet, musical escape in Berlin. Her debut EP, Driven Back To Love, was released in June and its synonymous debut single was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds GSA playlist. Though the budding artist is just getting started, it’s clear that Jordan has found her sound – an effortless blend of pop and alternative sounds that beautifully compliment her soft, yet sultry voice. Her single “Defeated” has also drawn attention from online music blogs like GrrrlMusic, Juicy Underground, and MusikFreitag. Be sure to follow Jordan on social media to stay informed on any new updates and releases. “What We Wanted,” along with the rest of the tracks on her debut EP, are now available for your listening pleasure on all music streaming platforms.

Written By Giselle Morales



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