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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "When You Love Someone" - Alessia De Gasperis

“When You Love Someone” is a beautifully crafted song about leaving a person who hurt you, even though it's hard to do so. Sometimes when you love someone, you only see the good things and moments that have happened between you two. It’s easy to overlook mistakes and justify when they’ve done something hurtful. However, you reach a point where you have to choose yourself over them and realize that no matter how much you love them, they aren’t good for you and you deserve more. Alessia’s new single focuses on this exactly– having the courage to leave and choose self-love.

The first thing I noticed about this song was how painfully beautiful Alessia sings. Her vocals are effortless and smooth– yet also have a sad tone to them. This helps create the perfect mood for her heartbreak anthem. “When You Love Someone” has a very relaxed tone that is great to listen to when you’re wanting to reflect and think about your own relationship past. This chill vibe helps you to really get in tune with the lyrics and focus on what Alessia is saying about heartbreak. Ultimately, Alessia combines a sad message with beautiful vocals and a cool atmosphere to create a masterpiece.

Alessia De Gasperis has had a successful career in singing and songwriting– under the name Kai. She has collaborated with many other icons, including Flume, Diplo, and Childish Gambino. Alessia says she chose to use a stage name because she wasn’t as comfortable with herself as an artist yet. However, now Alessia steps back into the spotlight with her own name, ready to conquer the world of music once again. Keep an eye out for more tunes from Alessia– she isn’t someone you want to miss!

Written By Emily Hancock



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