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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Where's the Exit" - Rich Delinquent x Lakelend

Rich Delinquent's newest EP, "Here's to Dystopia," presents four tracks, including a collaboration with Australian singer, Lakelend titled "Where's the Exit." Through this EP, Rich Delinquent invites his fans to connect with their "inner delinquent," as he shared in an Instagram post saying, "When you find yourself diverging from society’s expectations and start embracing the inner chaos within, it’s time to fully embrace it.” “Where’s the Exit” covers the complexities of romance and falling in love, temptation and addictive desires, all while making it feel like you’re at a party while listening along, with a moody pop beat and captivating melodies.

The song opens up with setting the scene in a crowded warehouse full of strangers, possibly a party or club, where one of them comes across a woman named Molly. She expresses being down to leave the party with them by asking “Where’s the exit?" The singer feels the same way, expressing interest in wanting to spend time with her with lyrics like, “I can go wherever you want,” “Her hands, back of my head,” and “Don’t like to small talk, it’s too loud.” Although drawn to Molly in the moment and her advances, the singer is cautious, recognizing what eventually comes with these desires, stating: “I don’t want her falling in love with me.” We see the singers trying to balance indulgence and restraint, which further emphasizes the theme of addictive desires and the risks involved in pursuing them. When it comes to the beat and melodies, this song is an absolute vibe! It effortlessly puts me in a calm state, while also making me feel like I’m at a club, grooving to the music. The infectious and catchy beat has me nodding my head along without even realizing it.

Rich Delinquent is an electro-pop singer from Melbourne, Australia. The other three songs featured on “Here’s to Dystopia” are “Speak Up,” “Chica Diablo,” and “Here’s to Dystopia.” It was released a week ago on February 23rd. Lakeland is also from Melbourne, Australia. He gained experience as a guitarist and songwriter from Storm the Sky, an alternative rock band. From 2014-2019, he toured locally and overseas, while also releasing two albums. Both of these albums debuted in the top 50 on the ARIA Charts (an Australian music sales chart). Since being a solo artist, he’s released 8 songs, and has an upcoming 6 song EP dropping on March 15th titled, “Broken Hearts Club.” Keep up with both Rich Delinquent and Lakelend by clicking on their social media links below, and make sure to check out “Where’s the Exit” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem




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