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  • George McSherry

Review: "Whiskey Talk" - DJ. UNKNONE

DJ. UNKNONE has released their single "Whiskey Talk" after finding rapid success with this fresh track on Soundcloud, receiving over five thousand streams in the first week of its release. The song is a vibrant blend of genres, sourcing inspiration from everything from rock to EDM before imposing the steady pop framework that establishes the effortless, beachy vibe. The bright, fine-tuned single might be the debut track for DJ. UNKNONE but it demonstrates deep musical maturity and comprehension that tantalizes for upcoming releases.

Underpinned by percussion reminiscent of a Caribbean steel drum, "Whiskey Talk" pairs emotion-soaked lyricism with a variety of instrumental components and classic EDM production to form the infectious piece that sits at the curious intersection of melancholic and invigorating. Even in the emotional lulls, the syncopated keyboard, claps, and strums work together to keep the energy going strong against the backdrop of understated croons that balance the curated vibe.

Do you remember when the music used to speak for itself? Do you recall the time when glitz, glam, and ass were not the main selling points of pop music? No? Yeah, neither do I... But I do like that ethos which DJ. UNKNONE holds central to her identity, or rather lack thereof as she chooses to remain anonymous often employing a motorcycle helmet to help hide her face. Hopefully others in the industry take notice and maybe follow suit; it would be refreshing to have some artists spend their energy on honing their true crafts rather than on designing traps of flesh and flashing lights.

Written By George McSherry



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