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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "white lies" - Zach Benson

Zach Benson’s newest release brings an 80s pop vibe into the current world of strict rap and indie performers. The track is titled “white lies”, and is the first single from his sophomore album that is currently a work in progress. The song is about insecurity in a relationship and not trusting your partner’s words, and he prompts a million questions about his situation. Is his partner as all in as he is? Do they mean it when they confess their love? These questions are woven through the backbone of the song, and are especially prevalent in the chorus. However, the soundscape is so upbeat and catchy that listeners are left with a pop-indie hit, rather than a depressing ballad. This contrast is indicative of Benson’s musical style and who he is as a person - a mix of serious and honest words, with a snarky and fun attitude.

Despite the upbeat background, Benson’s lyrics truly tell a story that almost everyone who has been in a relationship can relate to. In the chorus, he sings, “you call me lover like we’re alright / you paint a picture but the sky is the same as the sun / because your color’s all in white”. He contrasts the typical description of love, the ability to paint the world with bright colors from your newfound emotions, with the feeling he currently has, the feeling that the world has lost its color and its love. The bridge furthers this idea with the repeated chant of “could end it with a fight, but at least it’s not a lie / [just let me know, and you can go] / cause we’re not alright here”. He begs his partner to be honest with him, to paint a picture of truth instead of lies. My personal favorite lyric is what Benson chose to end the song with. The last words hit the audience hard, as he sings, “I'll paint your picture with the pinks and the blues till you’re done / cause all your colors all are…” He trails off without closure, similar to the feeling of his relationship. He pleads for the chance to prove his love, to paint the white lies full of color, but based on the trail off it can be assumed that he is not granted this peace of mind.

Zach Benson is a pop musician and producer based in Richmond, Virginia. He found his love for this art in middle school, and has been pursuing it ever since through various pop punk bands, talent shows, and developing new skills, like production and now album releases. He dropped an EP in July 2022 titled “and miles to go before i sleep”, which helped skyrocket him to the almost 25k monthly listeners that he now has supporting him. He recently toured it across the east coast, and after a bit of rest is currently working on another album that his fans are desperately waiting for. With a similar vibe to Dayglow, the 1975, and MUNA, Benson also prides himself on creating music for the queer community, in an effort to connect more with his identity and be the voice that he needed growing up. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Benson.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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