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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Without You" - Betty Reed

The action of cutting someone negative out of your life feels freeing, its like the weight of the world has be taken off your shoulders. Sure, sometimes doing this is painful on both ends, but in Betty Reed's new track "Without You," Reed feels liberated by the feeling. Reed is breaking free from someone who tried to make her hate herself, and now she is leaving them in the past. She is letting down her hair, and letting her wild side free. The track instantly needs to be blasted out your speakers, while you are flying down the road.

The track features an instrumental that is very heavily influenced by pop-punk. Instruments like guitars, and drums push the track. Riffs, and pickups are used to make the track have some texture that sounds fuzzy. Reed's vocals are a beautiful alto, with an almost raspy quality that makes it stand out against the heavy beat. The lyrics delve into the topic of liberation from letting someone toxic go. It starts off with the negative individual telling Reed she'll never go far without them, "You said I'd never make it on my own." Reed doesn't let this person drag her down with their other negative comments, "Booked my one way ticket to my dream // You said I'd always be obsolete." Reed roars into the chorus that feels like flying down the freeway. She has no cares, she loves herself, and is leaving this person in the rearview, "Without you // My heart won't break from the shame you put me through // Without you // Got a smile on my face, got away with better days // Without you // I embrace my flaws, love me, you can't take that away // Without you // I'm fine, I'm great, I'm good // Baby without you."

Betty Reed is a multi-genre bending artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. "Without You," is her first single release of 2022. It follows her debut EP, Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned which dropped last year featuring the breakout track "Drunk on You." Reed is a force to be reckoned with. Her music spans genres including country, EDM, to most recently pop-punk. Reed is an artist that is a master at her craft, and she has proved she can take on any genre she wants. The world is her oyster, and we can't wait to see what she does next!

Written By Kyle Stiver



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