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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Woah!" - Lev

The standout production makes a canny, modern pop sound with an arrangement of idiosyncrasies. Listen to the first verse and you'll be left wondering just how he produced such sounds. The way he modulates vocal loops to sound like synthetic instruments is enthralling, breathing fresh air into the pop formula. Lev cleverly threads the line between destabilizing and hypnotic. The sticky glue holding "Woah!" together is Lev's impressive vocals. Double-tracked for maximum texture and impact, the singer leaps from smooth croon to airy falsetto with ease. When the song cracks open into a symphony of strings, percussion, and vocal layering, it feels like an epiphany.

Diving into the lyrics, it becomes clear why Lev takes pride in writing and producing "Woah!" entirely on his own. "Been a long road, guess that's how it goes when nobody lights the way," he remarks in solitude. Rather than filling the noise with the typical music of isolation, Lev creates a room-filling sound of his own creation. The fear of facing this alone may have scared him before, but not now. He finds himself thinking "there's no one left to save me, but maybe that's exactly what I need." It's in the moments when he can not afford to doubt himself that he discovers all that he is capable of. "But now I know exactly what I," the dizzying sound completes the thought. What he "needs" is to trust in his own skills and talent: as a writer, as a producer, as an artist, and as a human.

LA-based singer/songwriter and producer Lev is showing his multi-faceted talent with "Woah!": 100% written and produced by himself. The artist has collaborated with many pop peers in the past, lending production and songwriting to the likes of salem ilese, Aimee Vant, Sophia Gripari, etc. In 2021, Lev released the EP A Year Underwater, which has accumulated over 1.5 million streams on Spotify. Since his return to music in 2022, after a year's absence to develop and grow as an artist, Lev has released several, thrilling singles. "Woah!" presents the artist as a fully-realized producer and songwriter with a bold sound.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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