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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Wonderland" - Pixia

On her newest single, "Wonderland," singer-songwriter Pixia blends her classic dark new-wave aesthetic with a message of love and self-acceptance. "Wonderland" is anthemic in every way imaginable. From a production standpoint, the track is lush and filled with many sonic details. The 80s influence here is strong. From the bleepy electronic synth lines in the background to the heavy drumline to her lavish vocal delivery, Pixia creates a grandness that harkens back to the decade when bigger meant better while still sounding forward-thinking and fresh. It's a song meant to be played while driving in the city under the blinding neon lights. Yet "Wonderland" is not just sonically impressive but lyrically important. 

In "Wonderland," Pixia writes about the all-too-relatable feeling of inadequacy and comparing yourself to others. When asked about her inspiration behind the song, the artist said: "You always feel like you're not doing enough...I wanted to write something I would show my younger self throughout the years to reassure her that you're on the right path, you're doing what you love, it's going to be okay," which comes through completely in the song. For people who do not know what they're doing in their lives, which, let's be honest, is basically all of us right now, the lyrics of "Wonderland" act as a mantra. "I thought I was running out of time /  but now I see how strong I stand / I thought I was running out of time / but now my life's in Wonderland." Singing along to Pixia reminds you that your life will work out on your own terms and that success comes to everyone at different points. She is not just comforting her younger self but listeners as well. One of Pixia's greatest strengths as an artist is her ability to write songs that emotionally resonate, and "Wonderland" is no exception. By pairing such motivational and honest lyrics about self-love with a sound so effortlessly melodic, Pixia creates a pop triumph with "Wonderland."

Pixia is a U.K.-based artist whose music focuses on dark, alt-pop aesthetics with an 80s electronic edge. Her biggest musical inspirations include Kate Bush, Aurora, and Lana Del Rey, which shines through her work as she concentrates on ethereal vocals, grand aesthetics, and honest lyricism. Pixia's official debut, "If I'm On Your Mind,"  was released in 2021 and currently holds over 235,000 downloads on Spotify. The success of her first single has only continued. Since then, the singer-songwriter has released six more singles on streaming services, collecting over half a million streams and 5000 monthly listeners. Pixia has received mass acclaim from publications like the BBC Introduction, AFX Radio, and A&R Factory. Her musical journey is only growing from here, and it is so exciting to see what she will do next. "Wonderland," along with the rest of Pixia's discography, is available to stream now. 

Written By Lauren Nolan


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