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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Yearbook" - Julia Kate

“Yearbook” is an inherently nostalgic piece, reflecting on high school, or simply years prior. But, it doesn’t seem to relish in the nostalgia, instead it takes steps towards an improved future. This isn’t a song about pitying those who didn’t have a good high school experience, though Julia Kate implies hers wasn’t as good as it could have been, this is a song made for those who can reflect on the past with all of it’s positive and negative pieces and decide to move forward anyway. She seems to admire the past for how it's built who she is but takes note of how little those around her saw who she was at the time, perhaps it is this in itself which created the strong sense of identity she carries now. “Yearbook” is overall a positive take on growing up, and growing into yourself.

The song begins with a peaceful acoustic guitar strum behind Julia’s voice. She sings as if she’s telling a story by a campfire, and with the guitar and themes of the song, it loops the listener directly into waves of nostalgia. She sings honestly, seeming to offer confessions she wouldn’t have back then. As the guitar increases its pace and she goes on, she shows off an impressive range of voice. She sings seemingly naturally low through the majority of the duration of the piece, but her high notes here display what a beautiful vocalist Julia Kate truly is. This becomes increasingly more impressive as she repeats the chorus, with more intensity and volume behind her each time. Towards the end of the song, an electric guitar joins the instrumentals as she sings a particularly catchy background note and the song comes to a close at its peak.

Julia Kate began her music career in the setting of her latest song “Yearbook”, high school. She participated in musicals and held a position as the lead vocalist and keyboard player for her school’s musical ensemble, having had experience studying piano and singing for years. She wrote her first original songs during the pandemic and soon after met Johnny What, a producer known for his work with Pentatonix and JuiceWRLD. They, along with Nick Rosen and Jacob Wick, would go on to release her first EP “Just A Kid”. The songs featured on the EP have done exceptionally well, with the most popular holding over 40k streams on her Spotify as of now. Stream these as well as her newest release “Yearbook” and follow Julia Kate below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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