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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Yet" - Karly Driftwood

Let’s be honest; some of us need more of a push than others. No, I’m not talking about pushing people down flights of stairs or Heath Ledger’s infamous line from The Dark Knight about descending into madness. I’m referring to those of us that need bluntness from the people in our environment to feel an ounce of motivation. You cannot baby these people to death to motivate them – they won’t take it seriously. You need to burst into these people's homes at five in the morning, banging pots and pans together while jumping on their bed as they’re startled awake to motivate them. And as much as I’d love to be that person, I don’t simply have the time. But thankfully, Karly Driftwood does. Driftwood’s “Yet” is the ass-kicking we need in periods of stagnation.

Driftwood’s “Yet” is a Country-Pop single that slaps listeners in the face with a transformative vocal delivery, an early 2000s twang, and a candid message of inspiration to get you in the mood to take on life. The track opens as a light guitar ballad - the sound is what I imagine flowers blossom to. Driftwood’s soft vocals come in to deliver the first sympathetic verse: "Are you crying on the floor? / Can't find a reason anymore / Like there's no way out of this mess / Can't find the light that's up ahead." The verse is describing the emotions and mentality that come with being in a stagnation with no end in sight. And just when listeners think the single is about to settle into a mellow groove, Driftwood comes soaring in with a loud chorus that blatantly states; “Get the fuck out of your bed / Quit wasting time in your head “, giving a new fiery passion to the song. This bluntness is guaranteed to grab a listener’s attention and makes them anticipate Driftwood’s fluctuation from sympathetic softness to a bold, can-do attitude that’s set on getting you out of your rut throughout the song's duration. It's an anthem of motivation for times when we require a firmer touch to spark that boost of energy within us to keep moving forward.

The Virginia native turned Nashville resident, Karly Driftwood, is a singer and songwriter that turns country music stereotypes upside-down on their heads by embracing the grittier, darker tones of life. The country artist with a Rob Zombie-esque flare has a wide range of genres under her belt, though. Consequently, this means that Driftwood is one of the few voices in the current music scene that honestly can do it all, which makes labeling her and her music a bit difficult. But there's nothing wrong with that - labels are for soup cans, and people along with their stories should be complicated. If you've enjoyed Driftwood's wake-up slap single "Yet" as much as I have, you'll be happy to hear that she'll be gracing us with the new single "Trucker", on September 2nd. Until then, keep yourself occupied by showing the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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