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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "You Cannot Have It All" - SACO & Liz Beekman

Saco Liz Beekman You Cannot Have It All Cover Art Photo

Have you ever met someone who checks off all the right boxes, but there's just still something about them that doesn't click with your heart? They are literally everything you could ever want, but there's something missing and you just can't bring yourself to give them a chance. "You Cannot Have It All" by SACO and Liz Beekman is a sassy, pop perfection track about how no matter how great a guy can be, it's impossible to be 100% perfect - and in this situation, you'd rather stay alone than risk being heartbroken ever again. Liz sings "You may be everything that I need, but I don’t wanna end up in the same place again." - "You may be the light in the darkest of times, but it doesn’t mean you know who I am".

"You Cannot Have It All" is a Summer radio hit dance pop song. Even though it's in a minor key, you're not thinking about that while you're dancing around and blasting this song through your speakers. The style reminds me a bit of "Ex's and Oh's" by Elle King. Liz Beekman is the vocalist in this song and she has the perfect rich, soulful and powerful tone to lead this track and what it's about. The attitude behind her voice is also a bit reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. Let's not forget just how incredibly catchy the soundscape of this song is; with it's popping bass and groovy acoustic guitar, and the little "la la la la" moments, "You Cannot Have It All" is an ear-worm that belongs on every pop fans Summer playlist.

SACO, also known as Coen van Hessen, is a Dutch DJ, singer and producer born and raised in Utrecht, Netherlands. He started DJing at the young age of eleven after gaining a fascination for electronic music. He starting singing and writing songs when he joined a band at the age of 18, but soon put his musical hobbies to the side to join medical school. However, after graduating, he got back into it like he never stopped and produces his own songs with Soave Records. Liz Beekman is a young, independent singer/songwriter who has collaborated with SACO before on their song "Not Looking For You." SACO and Liz have musical chemistry that really shines through in their current two projects, and I can't wait to hear what else they do!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole




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