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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "You Could Love Me Back" - Hattie Oates

“You Could Love Me Back” is a song of hopeful possibilities, the most prevalent one being that the person whom Hattie Oates sings to would love her too. This seems like the simplest of the things she offers, when dreaming of perfection and romance, mutual love doesn’t seem far out of the picture. And yet, its simplicity implies it is the most unattainable wish out of all of them. The song offers an outlet to women who feel the need to ask for the bare minimum, it offers a relatable piece for those who feel unreciprocated love, overall it simply gives a way to ask for something one feels they cannot in life. “You Could Love Me Back” is a dreamy love song written by someone who listens to them and desires it too.

The song begins with a static sound that offers it a tinge of a vintage aesthetic. “I just woke up” Hattie sings, setting the scene with a memory of a dream. This is the perfect way to display the sort of relationship she has with this person, a wonderful dream that disappears the moment she wakes up, and therefore the moment she begins to speak on it. Hattie’s voice is heartfelt and beautifully raspy, naturally emotive. As she sings of her wishes for this relationship, most of them seem to display things she could be doing. It seems to be a method of self criticism, a list of ways to achieve the dream rather than a description of the dream itself. Her pacing is excellent, picking up with each line of this list of ideals. The music that accompanies this is light and whimsical all the way till the end, seeming to never give up on this romance and the song comes to a close with Hattie vocalizing with a similar tone.

Hattie Oates is a nineteen year old indie-pop singer and songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Her name, and music, are being heard further each day as she builds up her discography and brings new music to the table again and again. Her storytelling ability, confident experimentation throughout differing genres, and the perfect voice to communicate it all have been gaining more popularity recently. She’s been added to several Spotify and Apple Music playlists, including “Indie Arrivals” and “Alt Pop”, and has been recognized with awards such as first place in the AC category at the International Songwriting Competition. Follow her and her story below and stream “You Could Love Me Back” now.

Written By Hailey Schap



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