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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

"Room For Another" - Mokita

Let's face it. Life can be lonely sometimes. When we're by ourselves it gives us too much time to think. A lot of the time in those moments, we're thinking about what made us so lonely. Where did I go wrong? What could I have done differently? Is it too late for me now? Sometimes life can get so busy we don't even realize what we want until we walk in the door of our empty house at night, and we're all alone in our beds with only our thoughts. "Room For Another" by Mokita describes that feeling of wondering what life would be like if we took the time and effort to bring someone new in our lives. Someone we can talk to and wind down with at the end of the day.

Mokita's voice is angelic. His light and smooth vocal tone captivates you from the very start. His emotion puts you right into his shoes. We've all been there right? Whether you're having trouble moving on from a past experience, or life is just too chaotic, we've had that moment where we realize we don't want to spend our lives in an empty home. The subtle instrumentation compliments this feeling of longing for company, and gives Mokita a chance to shine.

Mokita is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Mokita has an incredible talent for writing and puts his heart and soul in to every word. He writes about his thoughts and feelings and uses music as his emotional outlet. His words are meaningful, honest and incredibly relatable. With almost 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, there's no doubt Mokita has the ability to capture your heart.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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