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  • Kyle Stiver

"Scared" - LANI

LANI discusses topics involving mortality, leaving a mark on the world, and being afraid of the inevitable on her new track "Scared." The track is a beautiful, and insightful track on making the best out of the forces we cannot control. LANI lets us know that it's okay to be scared of the end, but in the time between then and now you have the opportunity to leave a mark on this world through your actions. It's about leaving a legacy and a mark on this world that lets us become immortal.

The track starts with a beautiful piano instrumental, that progressively builds. After the first chorus, instruments like synth strings are added. Even the sound of a shaker that reminds the listener of a clock ticking helps build the song. We can also hear a detuned voice effect under the second verse that creates an amazing atmosphere. However, the most beautiful part of the track is LANI's soaring voice. It is unapologetically raw, emotional, and unique to her. You can feel she's delivering this song to us from her very soul. In the last chorus of the track, LANI delivers a heart-wrenching belt over a key change that sends it to another level. The lyrics dive into topics such as vulnerability, "They say // In this life we get to choose how // We get hurt, who we allow to bruise // I must admit, I never chose myself, I never thought that would be what I'd become." She also discusses the topic of mortality which can be scary to anyone. LANI, however, lets us know that depending on how we cope with this realization, we can build something to leave behind that is infinite, "Us we know // There is no eternity // But we can find // Our house lives of infinity in ourselves // In our minds // And what we hold close to our chest // I hope that I've shown the world my best." LANI even lets us know that she is scared of this herself, "Cause I'm so scared // Of losing everything I've built // Halfway there // Deciding I won't waste my guilt."

LANI is an up-and-coming alt-pop artist based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. "Scared" is her first single of 2022. It follows her debut EP entitled "Parables," which featured the track "Drank That Night" from April 2021. LANI has been creating music that is uniquely hers, and talks to the human psyche in the best way possible. LANI is an artist that will for sure to take off fast, and you do not want to miss this!

Written By Kyle Stiver



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