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  • Miles Tutor

"Scars in the Dark" - Talii

Throughout our lives, everyone is expected to experience the scars that come from having your heart broken whether that be from a loved one or a friend you trust. Talii puts it perfectly on her new song "Scars in the Dark" as she describes the ideals of being in a "shitty relationship" (which we have all felt in a relationship). If you need to ball up and cry in your bed at night after an awful break-up, then this song should be the go-to!

This song is an absolute R&B-pop jam with the trap drums and the mellow breakdown of the chorus being infectious to the ears. Talii does an amazing job of creating a dreamscape with her vocals that mixes so well into the instrumentation itself. This newly released track sounds like a sweet pop song but really it is a song with a lot of different dimension to it, discussing how letting go of a relationship is so difficult but rewarding at the same time when it doesn't feel right.

Talii is an American singer and songwriter that hails from Orlando, Florida who has been writing and creating songs since her early childhood as she came from an entire family of musicians. Her songs incorporate many elements of old-school R&B, dream pop AND electro pop with unconventional, multi-dimensional song topics and instrumentals that range from materialism to individualism. Everyone should take on a spiritual mindset like Talii! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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