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  • Chantal Charles

"She Drives Me Crazy" - President Street

If you’re looking for a danceable track that feels retro but has hints of modernity to be new and fresh, the search has ended. “She Drives Me Crazy” is the latest song by Australian duo, President Street, and is a cover of the original 1989 track by British pop rock band, Fine Young Cannibals, but this new rendition by President Street has a life of its own that steps away from the original. This track is the perfect song to dance to on a Friday night with all your friends around you, or just simply, the perfect song to sing in the shower when you’re thinking about that special someone. No matter the situation, this song will definitely put a smile on your face and send you into a bubbly frenzy.

While it still keeps that 80s sound, the song’s use of electronic elements gives it that fresh new sound that transports the original song into the 21st century. The subject matter of the song is simple, but it works. It’s a classic love song, lyrics filled with longing and that youthful drive to be with the person you love. Starting off with the intro of the song, the instrumentals in the start give a dramatic beginning and the use of the main melody on its own really reels the listeners in. During the verses, the singer keeps the listeners in with her sweet, yet passionate voice. It's a passion that keeps the listeners excited. The chorus comes in quickly and loudly, and it creates this fun environment. It’s catchy and the beat is the perfect rhythm to dance to. The production of this song especially shines during the chorus, and it’s what makes this song stand out from the original. The bridge of the track relies more on a guitar and it’s a quick moment where everything becomes quiet, it builds the perfect amount of suspense for the final chorus of the song. “She Drives Me Crazy” is the perfect song to play next time you want to feel happy and bubbly about someone.

President Street is a musical duo consisting of Ruby on vocals and electronic drum pad, and Pete on other instruments. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, the duo has gained a lot of popularity in the UK, having three Top 10 Hits on the Official UK Music Week charts. They’ve also been featured on the BBC’s The Beat and Introducing. They had a big year in 2022 as they opened for musician Roachford on his National UK tour. The group is known for their very vibrant sound that mixes instruments and electronic sounds, but they also like to experiment with other genre elements, such as R&B and rock. This is what gives them their nostalgic sound that still feels very fresh and lively. When it comes to what to expect from President Street this year, just know it will be exciting.

Written By Chantal Charles



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