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  • Emily Hancock

"Shoulda Said No" - Hendrix

“Shoulda Said No” is a top jam that is the perfect description of pop meets heartbreak. Hendrix sings ever relatable lyrics about wishing she could’ve been able to say no to a person but couldn’t refuse. The song talks how this person was just too irresistible and tempting to ignore but it ended in a heartbreak and regret. This absolute hit is great to listen to when you’re in your feels about a significant other. “God knows I fall so hard I break my heart a thousand times.” Talk about some powerful lyrics!

Hendrix sets the mood perfectly at the beginning of the song, simply by singing “No” in a catchy rhythmic pattern while the bass under her grows. The background elements of the bass, background vocals, and remixed parts aren’t too over powering so you can really hear the incredible lead vocals. Hendrix has a very powerful voice that, when paired with the lyrics, shows off the dominate and strong presence she has in the song. When listening to her sing, you can’t help but feel the same kind of high-powered, girl-boss attitude as well. Her immense singing talent is shown off very well in this song.

Hendrix is an emerging voice in the world of pop and is only going to keeping growing. Currently, Hendrix has two singles released, both having come out recently in 2022. There are no upcoming projects that we know of, but Hendrix is definitely one to look out for. Her powerful sound fits the recent trends of pop music perfectly and we can expect many more hits in the future.

Written By Emily Hancock

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