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  • Megan Cao

"To Know I Hurt You - Stripped" - Drew Schueler

“To Know I Hurt You - Stripped” is a pensive song that begs for forgiveness while languishing in regrets and despair. Schueler sings honestly and from his soul, letting the listener know how he’s acknowledging the mistakes that he’s made and is trying to learn from them. And despite the hurt and grief in his voice, there’s beauty in this song too; in how he describes what he once had; as a palace, a symphony, a kingdom. The stripped song only adds to this, showing the raw beauty of Schueler’s voice with his words.

While the original version had more electronic production, the stripped version removes everything but the basic melodies and harmonies, letting the listener focus on Schueler’s sorrowful voice and lyrics, bringing them on his journey of self-regret and wish to change everything. Delving from a wispy voice to a softer and more intimate one, Schueler shows his depth of grief and regret, taking accountability for his actions. Without the production from the original, his voice here sounds much more intimate, more mature, and more emotional. It touches the audience in a different way, almost as if he’s showing himself without the frills and flashiness of synths or vocal effects.

Drew Schueler has spent the past year in Nashville preparing releases and collabs for this year. Drawing on influences like Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, and Jon Bellion, Schueler has slowly but surely carved his place in the indie-pop genre, paying close attention not only to this music he’s making but also to the words and enunciations he’s making on the song. With Schueler, it’s clear that every breath, every word, every chord is intentional, all to create the message he wishes to convey within his song. With many releases to come in 2022, it’s clear that Schueler is ready for a big year.

Written By Megan Cao



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