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  • Miles Tutor

"Too Late to Compromise" - Moon Palace

As the moon orbits us every night, the ideologies of self-love and self-worth keep persuading new generations of people to give up on trying to find a true companion for them with the rational fear of being hurt by someone that they developed a trust with. In the song "Too Late to Compromise," these themes are put perfectly with the effective repetition of different thoughts and amazing lines like "I could hear the echoes of the sea running through my head." really puts these ideas into a Summer of Love perspective.

This song is an absolute drug-bender! The glossy synthesizers along with the breakdown of the chorus ("It's too late to compromise.") makes this feel so upbeat even if the subject matter is centered around the end of a relationship. The monster bass tones in the bridge and chorus is a hell of a contrast compared to the gentle nature of both Cat & Carrie's vocals that just soar through the track as they weep about the feeling of running into a dead end with love.

Moon Palace is an American psychedelic pop band from Seattle, Washington that specializes in creating beautiful haikus and landscapes with both their lyrics and raw instrumentation that invoke so much nature. Their previous singles "Ego Death" and "Who You Are" stand out in the same way with so much natural ability in their words and being able to create those feelings from their songwriting. The 70's influence is so real! Go give them a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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