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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Turpentine" by Nathaniel Paul

Tired of going to look at your phone the minute you get up in the morning? Do I have the song for you! ‘Turpentine’ by Nathaniel Paul points to the mass-overconsumption of media outlets as a source of daily disruption. There’s a boatload of information being thrown at us whenever we scroll our socials. If we’re on too often, our mental health can take a hit from the resulting overstimulation. “Take me off that assembly line.” Break away from the toxicity in today’s social culture and focus on what you want. Our lives are so much more than a news report or a screen!

There’s a strong sense of empowerment that comes with taking control of our lives. “We have to help others on their feet again so they can dream of a better life.” Lead by example! Groovy guitar strums set the vibe right and give the song its characteristic chill rock sound. Paul’s soulful, melodic voice is a glimmer of hope in the uncertainties of the world. Upward-moving synth motifs reinforce that hope ten-fold. You also get this cool sludge-like effect in the post-chorus that allows for a moving, multi-sensory experience!

Nathaniel Paul is a multi-talented individual who’s already demonstrated his prowess in the world of music. The award-winning singer-songwriter and producer is best known for his work as part of The Bergamot, a husband-and-wife indie/folk duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Along with partner Jillian Speece, Paul has become renowned for his rich storytelling and his passion for humanity. His biggest influences are Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala, with a bit of The Beach Boys and other acts mixed in. ‘Turpentine’ is the title track for his upcoming sophomore solo album! Go take a listen!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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