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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"what i'm missing" by Allison Leah

One thing we learned from watching childhood television was to dream big. However, if we’re constantly looking toward our future ambitions, is there any downtime today? Allison Leah’s song ‘what I'm missing’ reminds us to take a step back from achieving goals and take time to rejoice in the beauty of now. “I can’t sit still and I don’t let go; I can’t help feeling I move too slow.” We don’t want to overexert ourselves. It’s fantastic to advance our goals but if you need a break, take one. Curl up in a comfortable space with a cup of hot chocolate and get that R&R in. You’ll likely find inspiration along the way!

Leah’s voice is a breathtaking aurora that enlivens the world around her. The most calloused hearts soften in her dreamy, graceful aura. It tells you that your realest self is revealed by detaching from your expectations and romanticizing your story. Downward note runs in the chorus deescalate the need to keep running full speed toward your goals. Slow, airy harmonies give you permission to move one heartfelt lyric at a time. A bright percussive section brings everlasting peace to every corner of your mind!

With her single ‘what I'm missing’, the Nashville folk-pop artist branches into pop with ethereal melodies and timeless messages. Allison Leah began her creative pursuits at 8 years old as a jingle-writer. She's recorded jingles for the popular “Hess Truck” Commercial and many others. Exposure to the music industry at a young age fueled her determination to forge her own path in the field. Her ability to create intimate, honest performances is a central feature of her style. New music is arriving soon so jump on this artist’s bandwagon ASAP!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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