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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"What If" by sautereau

One of the best feelings ever is meeting someone new and instantly connecting with them. Or when you go somewhere new, the atmosphere feels so invigorating that it speaks to your heart. “I wanna see you tonight cuz we hit it off last time.” ‘What If’ by sautereau is a song of love, excitement, and adventure energized by the backdrop of New York City. It describes the “what ifs” of spending more time with a special person you’ve met. The positive vibes from this song encourage us to appreciate the people and that come into our lives and the places we've been!

Lo-fi guitars relax the insecurities in your soul. This is a fitting setup for the lyrics. “What if I could make you make you smile, forget what’s wrong about your life.” We want to make people feel loved! The chorus and bridge are partners in blissful endeavors. The upbeat, mellow tone throughout the song is refreshing like crisp autumn air rushing through us. The artist's soothing, evocative vocals are the magic mirror into the emotions we share with others. After a trip through your daydreams, you’re brought back to the present by the nostalgic ambiance of New York City traffic. It’s a wholly uplifting experience!

Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Chloé Sautereau began her career under the name Cee. She released her debut EP ‘As I Keep on Dreaming’ in 2019 at just 18 years old. She found great success on major Swiss radio stations. After moving to New York City, she decided to change her artist name to “sautereau” to signify the bare-face, modern pop sound that better represents her world. Inspired by artists like Finneas, Julia Michaels, and Jessie Reyez, she writes intimate songs about her experiences. ‘What If’ is sautereau’s second single under her new alias, which will also be featured on her EP coming out later this year!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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