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  • Melina Darlas

"Forgiveness" - Caleb Kopta

We hurt the ones we love. Whether we meant to do so or by accident, it's bound to happen at some point in every relationship. We make mistakes, and our actions could negatively impact our loved ones and our relationships with them. The act could even be enough for the other person to walk away from you. The only way to get that person to come back to you, asking for forgiveness is the only way. Caleb Kopta is begging his loved one for a second chance in his new single "Forgiveness." This is a piece about the anxious moments right before you plead for forgiveness to the one that you had hurt.

This chill melody with Caleb's vocals gives this piece that relaxing, bubbly feel. The guitar in this song comes to the surface a few times throughout the song, especially the break right before the final chorus. Emphasizing the guitar at different points in the song adds variety to the piece, giving listeners multiple different aspects to pay attention to throughout the song. As for Caleb's vocals, he expresses his vocal range by jumping to a higher tone during the chorus. The higher tone makes the chorus even more impactful, as it feels that he is revealing stronger emotion in these lines. The lyricism of this song perfectly translates the feeling of wanting nothing more than forgiveness from that one person. Caleb's lyrics express the suffering that comes with losing someone because of your own actions and the uncertainty of if they will accept your apology. Asking for forgiveness is a very anxiety-provoking conversation to have, but if the person is that important then it has to be done.

Caleb comes from a small town in Pennsylvania and has made music the center of his life from the beginning. Caleb attended his very first concert at two months old and has never stepped away from the music since. He owes his inspiration for creating his modern alternative rock pieces to artists such as The Killers, Bruce Springsteen, and Bleachers. Caleb released his first single "Burning House" in 2018, and has consistently created singles in the years following. Caleb has also performed with artists including Parachute, Motherfolk, and Billy Raffoul. A special thing about Caleb's music is that he truly pours everything he's got into each and every one of his songs, and creates personal connections through his work.

Written By Melina Darlas



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