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  • Sarah Curry

Interview: "BUBBLEGUM" - LOU

I can’t get enough of your new single “BUBBLEGUM”!! You have such an incredible sound. Can you share the story behind this song and your songwriting process?

LOU: With every song I write I’ve usually had the idea bubbling away (no pun intended) for a while. This song I wrote the chorus for a while back but scrapped the song off completely due to the song as a whole not being great. Then a month or so after out of nowhere I just could not get the chorus out of my head. So I call my producer MEZZ and said “this song needs to happen, I’m re writing the verses” and next time I saw him the song was born. A lot of my songs I write are quite deep and personal to me but it’s nice sometimes to write these little tongue in cheek, not super serious songs and just have a laugh with it whilst also really reaching out to real scenarios and situations people are in every single day.

What made you want to pursue music? Has it always played a large part in your life?

LOU: I actually went to a performing arts school and HATED music lessons. Looking back now I wish I had of listened but it just wasn’t a passion of mine at all. I’ve always loved listening to music but my passions lay in acting and dancing. I did those up until college where I took up film and then I went on to do that at Uni. During uni I unfortunately my best friend died and it threw my whole life off course and just sent me into a bit of a spiral of drinking etc.. then I had a friend who left a bright pink ukulele at my house once by accident. Then one night I picked up the ukulele and searched “chords on a ukulele” or something of the sorts, into my search bar and learned “House of Gold” by Twenty one pilots. This quickly became my favourite band and next thing you know I’m practicing every single day. This led me to start experimenting with writing lyrics and as cheesy as it’s gonna sound it became therapy. I’ve always been bad at using my words to portray my emotions but when it came to writing songs it felt like the just flooded out. I was writing the most sad songs you could ever imagine it was years before I wrote a happy one but I needed it, I needed to write those songs. It’s now only been about 2 and a half years since I wrote my first song and it’s fair to say I’ve found it, I’ve found the thing I’m supposed to do.

I loved checking out your covers on your IG! What is your favorite one you’ve done so far?

LOU: My favourite cover by far is the Taylor Swift - Love story cover I used to be obsessed with Taylor swift which you probably wouldn’t think from the music I make now!

What are you most looking forward to on your upcoming tour?!

LOU: As I’m writing this I just finished the first leg of my tour and honestly these nights are the best nights of my life so far. There is something so pure about writing a song about a moment in you life, whether that good or bad. And having 100’s of people sing those words back to you with such passion. A song about such a personal experience that has somehow, in some way connected with every person in that room. That moment when everyone in that room is singing the chorus of a song your wrote in your pants in your bedroom is a moment that will never get old. Also a girl made me bath bombs, that’s pretty sick too.

If you could collab with any artist, who would you pick and why?

LOU: At the moment I’m really enjoying just perfecting my craft with what I’m doing as I’m so new to it so I’d wanna make sure I was really ready before I went a did any big collaborations but I think I’m pretty close. Dream ones for me would be Yungblud or State champs. But also I’ve become friends recently with an artist called Noah Fince and I think he’s incredible and would love to work with him in the future.

What can we expect next from you?! I can’t wait to hear more!! :)

LOU: More songs. more shows. And world domination….

Near future though I have a single out on the 1st of July called IF THERE'S A HELL which I hope everyone enjoys as much as I do!

Interviewed By Sarah Curry



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