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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "105" - VIVIAN

VIVIAN’s latest single is one of the most relatable tracks to impact the music industry in recent years. “105” is a vulnerable song that divulges her inner struggles with anxiety, drawing focus on how present it is in her life. The track was written in 2019 after the singer began joking that her resting heart rate was incredibly high and that she was constantly nervous. VIVIAN immediately dives into this when she opens the song with, “Yeah, it’s pretty hot// My resting heart rate’s like 105// And that’s on a good night.” These candid lyrics depict how stress and anxiety rule her life, and that she is in a perpetual state of worry. This provides the audience an insight on the inner workings of her mind. However, in the chorus, the song transforms into a “love song” toward her anxiety—an ode to the one constant in her life. She sings, “You never leave me baby// I, I, I think it’s love.” Similar to a lover that will always have your back and never desert you, anxiety will never fail to show up for VIVIAN. The clever track resonates deeply with listeners, making “105” an instant favorite for her adoring fans.

“105” immediately kicks off the track with VIVIAN’s compelling vocals which are shortly met with the ethereal production. The verse utilizes keyboard sound effects that provide an enchanting element to the song. After a few measures, the drums make their entrance and the track begins to intensify. Once the chorus hits, the guitar and bass are added and the track reaches the full production. VIVIAN’s mesmerizing vocals guide the listener through the song, transporting them to another world. The whimsical sound effects used throughout the track paired with the infectious beat are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable dance song. “105” is a flawless illustration of VIVIAN’s remarkable songwriting and her outstanding ability to captivate listeners with her relatable lyrics and catchy hooks.

Vivian Paige Luther, best known as VIVIAN, is a pop singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona, now based in Los Angeles. In May 2020, she made her debut with her first single, “Intimate”. She has released several singles since then, marking “105” as her fifth single. VIVIAN is not only a songwriter for herself, but for other artists as well. She has worked with artists from London, Germany, and all across the United States. In addition to her artistry, VIVIAN is also a stylist, offering her services to help clients find the perfect wardrobe for their upcoming projects and photoshoots. VIVIAN is a triple-threat in her own right, and is ready to take over the entertainment industry.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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