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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "514 Denim" - Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn 514 Denim Cover Art

This song, “514 Denim” by Estella Dawn, is an upbeat dance pop song that uses vivid imagery and seductive lyricism to draw the listener in. Setting the mood with lyrics like “tattoos in the dive bar, lil grit, lil heaven, yeah” and “Levis in the low light, 514 denim,” Dawn paints a picture of a night in a crowded room, where you’re drawn to this person who you can barely see in the darkness. She tells the story of this relationship with simplicity like “sunday morning, I can feel it babe the high is falling” and with some spark like “text risqué but I sent it, love it when you bite, always leave a little venom.” Back and forth, pull and push; it’s a dance that everyone knows.

“514 Denim” is a rhythmic pop masterpiece that just begs you to go out onto the dance floor and have a good time. Starting off on the slower side, with vocals and just a smooth guitar riff as the acoustic accompaniment, you’re lured into the song like you’re entering a nightclub, a slow progression into an intoxicating melody. The moment the base hits, you’re dancing and moving, stuck on the hook Estella Dawn masterfully creates. At just under three minutes, this song is the perfect length to immediately hit repeat, leaving you somehow fulfilled but still constantly wanting more. Overall, the euphoric and seductive vibes are perfectly entwined to create a new club favorite.

Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist powerhouse who was born and raised in New Zealand but now calls the United States her home. Known for her boldness, passion, and confidence, she’s carved out a unique space for her in the competitive pop industry. She wholly encapsulates the art she creates and shares with her fans and has mastered the ability to mix deep emotions with catchy rhythms and melodies. With over 167k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 3 million total streams, her popularity is only rising. “514 Denim” marks her latest release, and you can use the links below to follow her along on her musical journey!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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