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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "A Song For Ya" - Royal Oak

Breakups are difficult, however, the vocalist in “A Song For Ya”, sings about a relationship being so toxic that a breakup feels like a relief. In the single, the lyrics describe being over all the drama that comes with ending a relationship and that he had already checked out of the relationship prior to the breakup. The singer continues, mockingly poking fun at his ex by cheekily singing that he finally wrote a song for his ex. Overall, the instrumental is electric and the singer has a playful aloofness that keeps the song light and cheerful throughout.

As soon as the guitar riff starts the single, it becomes obvious this song is a hit. The song has a first verse that is mainly drums and guitar riff with slightly raspy vocals from the lead singer. The chorus is high energy and has catchy falsetto lyrics that will have you singing “I’m already over it”. A highlight of the track would be the bridge which is followed by a guitar solo. During the bridge, the vibe slows down and emphasizes the raw emotions the singer is experiencing when he acknowledges that his partner gave up on their relationship. The Bridge is then accompanied by an electric guitar solo that brings back the upbeat and good-natured feel to the song.

Royal Oak is a Canadian band from Vancouver. The group consists of longtime friends Austin Ledyard, Brayson Wong, Myles Philpott, and Michael Kragelj who released their first musical project in 2015, a self-titled album, “Royal Oak”. The members are inspired by multiple genres which they use to create their fun alt-pop sound. During the pandemic, the band self-reflected and came back stronger than ever. The group has since released three new singles as well as an upcoming album that was created primarily through Zoom.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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