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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "All My Friends Need Therapy" - Georgia Meek

If there was ever a catchphrase for me within my friend group, it would be:

no news is good news. My friends know I live inside my head. I’m a daydreamer with a fixation for overanalyzing and dwelling on problems from the past. So, when I don’t reach out or respond for months on end – they know not to panic. They understand that the distance means I’m sorting through my own Pandora's box. But lately, I’ve been feeling better and more motivated to take on life. This hasn’t been the case for a lot of close friends, unfortunately. And it’s made me take up the position of group therapist – a surreal experience that Georgia Meek explores in her latest single, “All My Friends Need Therapy”.

“All My Friends Need Therapy” is an alternative pop single about the flexibility of roles within friendships to accommodate differing emotional needs. Primarily, the song is about Meek offering herself as a source of comfort and care for friends contending with their mental health when the roles are usually reversed. The single opens with chiming synths that lead into the first verse. Within this verse we learn about the role reversal our artist is experiencing; from usually being “a little distant” and “self-absorbed when [they’re] feeling okay” to now playing therapist and listening to their friends’ troubles. The pre-chorus captures the awe of the situation as background vocals and drums are incorporated into the rhythm of the song. This is a role Meek is nervous to take on but she’s more than happy to because it gives her the opportunity to be there for her friends like they’ve been there for her in the past. This all builds towards an energetically charged chorus that encapsulates what it truly means to be a good friend to someone: being dependable in moments of both hardship and joy. The song’s second verse gives listeners a glimpse of the problems our artist’s friends are facing that’s requiring them to lean on her for “advice” before the song takes us through the pre-chorus and chorus again. Ultimately, "All My Friends Need Therapy" is an anthem of solidarity meant to signify that a person is willing to make space within themselves for friends that are in need.

British alt-pop artist, Georgia Meek, grew her fanbase by centering her music around feminist values and sexual freedom. After finding success with various bands, the artist decided to become a solo act in 2017. The singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has been thrilling listening audiences with expressive melodies and innovative productions ever since. Meek released their debut EP Womanhood in 2018: receiving praise from stations like Radio 1’s Future Pop Anthems and BBC Introducing, and publications such as Stylist and Atwood Magazine amongst countless others. In 2020, Meek founded Female Music Producers World, also known as FMP World, which has amassed a sizeable community of more than 3,000 women to showcase their talents in the music industry. Making Meek a pioneer in leveling the ever-changing musical landscape for all genders to thrive. For U.K. bound fans, you’ll have the chance to see the artist on their Cheaper Than Therapy tour this September – locations, dates, and tickets can be fond here. If you’ve enjoyed Georgia Meek as much as I have, show them some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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