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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Bailing on Your Birthday" - Madeline Rhodes

There is no shortage of party songs out there. Bangers about going crazy and having the wildest night ever are abundant, as they should be; they're a great listen. But they are not always relatable. For those with mental health issues like anxiety or introverts with a low social battery, these songs don't reflect their reality. Parties are less exhilarating and more exhausting. However, Madeline Rhode's newest single, "Bailing on Your Birthday," tells the story of someone who does not like to party. The track tells the story of prioritizing one's mental health by skipping a gathering. Rhode's song is honest and raw, yet upbeat and fun with its pop-disco fusion instrumental. It is the best party anthem for those who hate parties.

The most impressive aspect of Madeline Rhode's debut solo single is the lyricism. The songwriter proves her prowess in depicting mental health struggles with such vulnerability and empathy. In particular, how she writes about insecurity will ring all too familiar to those who suffer from similar issues. For instance, the lyric "I know I'm meant to practice what I preach / But I'm so scared of nearly everything." In just this one line, Rhode succinctly and accurately describes what it is like to have severe anxiety and not knowing whether to trust oneself due to that inherent fear. And "Bailing on Your Birthday" is chock-full of similarly thoughtful lines chronicling identity, self-esteem, and mental well-being. It is important to have music representing these topics. Those struggling with similar issues can listen to Rhode and know they are not alone. The message that it is okay to put yourself first and "bail on someone's birthday" if that is what you need is a lesson more people need to hear, and Rhode cleverly delivers it through a catchy, fun pop jam. "Bailing on Your Birthday" is not just a good pop song but a necessary one.

"Bailing on Your Birthday" is Madeline Rhode's debut single, but not even close to her first song. The New York City-based artist has released music under the stage name "MuMu" since 2018. Rhode believes in writing about topics important to her and the world, and her music primarily deals with overarching political issues. Under Mumu, she released feminist women-empowering anthems like "Free the Nip," "Ladies First," and "The Bitch in Me. In just these past few years, Madeline Rhode has seen tremendous success. Various mainstream media across print and screen have covered Mumu. The New York Times, Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Netflix's Big Mouth all featured the artist, and Rhode co-wrote all the music to the 2020 movie-musical Best Summer Ever. Mumu currently holds over 100,000 streams on Spotify, and within its first week, "Bailing on Your Birthday" already has over 1700 streams on the platform as well. Madeline Rhode is currently working on releasing her first album under her legal name, which will include "Bailing on Your Birthday" sometime this year. The debut single is available to listen to on streaming services now. 

Written By Lauren Nolan


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