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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Birthday Cards" - Emylee Herring

Doesn't it seem like the more birthday's you have, the more lonely life gets? The older you get, the less people care about celebrating you. Your parties become smaller, until there aren't any parties at all. Thoughtful gifts turn into cards with a 20 dollar bill inside. Growing up kind of sucks, and it feels like the years just keep passing you by with nothing to show for it. "Birthday Cards" by Emylee Herring is about feeling like you're behind in your life. You keep getting older but your life seems to be stuck. You watch everyone else move on and you don't feel like you're doing enough. This unfortunately is a feeling that a lot of people who are in their young adult years go through. Emylee wrote this song to remind everyone that they're not alone, even if it feels like you are.

Emylee has us crying in the club with her brand new single, "Birthday Cards". It's the perfect song for the people out there who dread their birthday. The dark, alternative lo-fi synth-pop soundscape mixes high emotions with a heavy bass. The vibrating rhythm of the synths is mixed with body percussion, giving the instrumentation a more personal touch. If I had to compare the sound to other artists, I'd say it has the vocals and lyricism of Taylor Swift, but sonically reminds me of Billie Eilish. Paired with the single is a fun, not-so-serious music video that was filmed with Emylee's friends.

Emylee Herring is a singer/songwriter from Texas who began her musical journey at the young age of seven. Going on to take lessons in voice, guitar and piano, Emylee spent her childhood years writing music and performing. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2023 with a bachelor's in songwriting. In 2021, Emylee released her first ever official single, "Puppet" which kick-started her journey as a recording artist. In 2023, she released her second single, "Slasher". "Birthday Cards" is her third official single, which if you enjoyed, you should check out the Sad Girl Version as well! It's a softer, more emotional, piano ballad that really puts emphasis on the vocals and lyrics. Emylee is also a review writer for Pop Passion Blog, as well as a book lover, a classic horror movie fanatic, and she posts vlogs on her YouTube channel. She's only just getting started, so make sure to follow her on her socials below to see what she does next!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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