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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Burn" - Janaa

“Burn” is Janaa’s latest release, it’s a new single for the newly single.  Shockingly upbeat considering its subject matter, the song is for the anger phase of a breakup, where realizations and revenge come into play.  “Burn” is a villainous and seemingly dark song, but only on the surface.  In between her threatening lines, Janaa offers pieces of explanation.  Of course she isn’t the malicious femme fatale she’s presenting herself as, merely labeled as such.  Accused of being a liar and of being seemingly unhurt, Janaa leans into this characterization and tells what would happen if she actually held the cruelty she’s labeled with.  This isn’t written from the perspective of a heartless woman, just a heartbroken one.

The tone of this song would never reveal as such, though.  Her introduction is effortlessly intense, a slow buildup that somehow seduces, frightens, and empowers the listener all at once.  Janaa’s voice maintains this energy, low and gloomy, and yet her words still begin with her as the victim: being left out of this person's story, forgotten.  Even as we reach the chorus, it isn’t her that’s set the fire, it’s them.  But the way in which she repeats that key word “burn” is still just as intimidating.  Her voice is powerful and even where she seems purposefully detached, it’s full of emotion. It’s a pop song at its core but this anger couldn’t go without a bit of rock. Electric guitar pairs the chorus in an explorative dynamic twist that allows Janaa to express herself properly, without regard to the rules of genre.  As the song ends, this guitar even blends into her own voice, meshing both into the flawless instrumentals heard throughout.  

Janaa’s voice, so expressive and full of emotion, is perfect for her own purpose in creating music.  Her goal, and motivation, as an artist is to do exactly that- express herself.  Her songs, like “Burn”, are made to be a safe haven.  It’s three minutes of raw feeling, that leaves the listener, and Janaa herself, empowered and more refreshed than beforehand.  The singer/songwriter cares deeply about mental health, making it a priority in her own life as well as the lives of her listeners through the work she creates.  “Burn” is the first original song available on her Spotify to date, and with such an impeccable opening there is without a doubt even better to come.  Follow her below to find more and stay alert for her future releases.  

Written By Hailey Schap


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