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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Call U After Rehab" - Devon Cole

Devon Cole’s “Call U After Rehab” is her most vulnerable track yet. It’s a love song, but the person she’s really loving is herself. This song is about taking time off from a relationship in order to heal internally and take care of yourself. Love can be a bandaid we put over our scars, but just because they’re covered, it doesn’t mean they’re properly treated. It can be terrifying to be alone and face your inner demons, but the moment you drop the crutches and step out of the safety of someone’s arms, you give yourself the chance to have the most healthy, forgiving, desired relationship with yourself. Without truly knowing who you are, accepting your flaws, yearning to grow and be better, you will never be satisfied in another relationship. As cliché as it may be, love begins within. Devon Cole uses rehab synonymously with whatever each individual needs healed or internally worked through. It is never selfish to put yourself first. The relationship we have with ourself is the one we must cherish and put above all else, and the one’s who stick around and wait for our healthy, happy return are just icing on the cake.

Following her hit singles like “W.I.T.C.H” and “Hey Cowboy,” “Call U After Rehab” demonstrates Devon Cole’s ability to let her walls down and release a much softer, raw track. She uses her platform to uplift her listeners and let them know they are not alone. She profoundly proclaimed, “If anybody, even one person, finds solace in my music, if it lifts them up even a little bit, then I will have done my job,” and you can feel the sincerity and desire to help others through the weight of every word. Her voice has an effortless power that melds perfectly with her lyrics that seem right out of our journal. Devon stepped out of her upbeat, dance-in-the-kitchen comfort zone and graced us with a vulnerable track that is sure to resonate with her audience. Although it is a much softer track, her work is so captivating and relatable that we will surely still pour ourselves a glass of wine and dance around our kitchen to “Call U After Rehab” as the purest form of self-care.

Devon Cole is a 24-year-old, alt-pop powerhouse. She first stepped on the scene when her remix of “Blurred Lines” went viral with her much-needed corrections of the lyrical wrongs. She is a singer/songwriter who uses her gift to empower women and sneak social truths into catchy pop songs that we can’t help but put on repeat. She has accumulated millions of streams across all the major platforms, and she has received critical acclaim from tastemakers BUSTLE and Billboard, and she was nominated for 2023 Juno’s ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’. With a major in psychology and the ability to inspire and really make a change through her music, this new, softer side is just the beginning for what’s to come. Follow Devon Cole on her social media below, and catch her live at one of her upcoming shows!

Written By Grace Chapman



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