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  • Chelsea Luo

Review: "Catch A Flight" - Midnight Village

Being apart from the one you love feels like never-ending pain. When there are thousands of miles between you both, the sun doesn’t shine as bright and the skies aren’t as colorful. Your whole world seems to be turned upside down. “Catch A Flight” examines the struggles of long-distance relationships—the heartache of being able to smell their scent on your clothes and having to say goodnight to them over the phone. Midnight Village manages to capture these universal feelings of longing and sorrow in a feel-good, catchy pop song. The introduction alone feels nostalgic and like a breath of fresh air at the same time. The entire song feels like a movie scene where the main character is driving down a highway with the windows down, blasting music and wishing their loved one could be next to them. “I’m here, you’re there” perfectly describes the pain of missing someone.

Although the mood of the song is sorrowful, its captivating guitar and synth sounds make it the perfect heartache tune to play when you’re in your feelings. The melodic guitar riff during the bridge of the song is one of my favorite parts. Midnight Village also offers detailed lyrics of long-distance situations that many can relate to. The artist’s intention for the lyrics is very straight-to-the-point, basically pleading with their significant other to “catch a flight” and be present. Their style of incorporating catchy synth and guitar sounds with lyrics of heartache remind me of sounds from bands like Valley and Nightly.

Midnight Village is an LA-based musical duo comprised of vocalist Sean Kolar and multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Lyons. The alt-pop band creates music that inspires feelings of nostalgia with influences including The 1975, LANY, and Blink-182. The pair met in Los Angeles while working on individual projects and soon began collaborating. Sean has worked with several Pop and EDM artists and Tyler has toured as a guitarist for multiple bands. Midnight Village has captured live audiences by headlining venues such as The Viper Room, The Mint & El Cid in Los Angeles, and Alley Taps and Cabana Taps in Nashville.

Written By Chelsea Luo



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