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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "change you" - LIZZART

Singer-songwriter LIZZART released her debut single, "change you," this past month. The track is a R&B groove. Between the smokey vocal delivery and smooth melodic beat, "change you" is perfect for a late-night drive or a chill party with friends. Yet, the song is not just catchy but also delivers an important message about self-acceptance and what true love means. The title "change you" references the idea of making yourself someone you are not to impress others. The lyrics show LIZZART speaking to the person she is with to tell them that she never wants them to change for her and vice versa. The message is such a positive one to reinforce: a strong relationship always means being yourself 100% of the time, and that love for oneself is just as important as romantic or platonic love for others. 

One of LIZZART's biggest strengths as an artist is her singing abilities. Her vocals are dynamic and technically astounding. When LIZZART belts "I wouldn't change a thing" in the bridge, the passion and strength in her voice convey the message powerfully. It is simply beautiful to listen to. LIZZART is also an effective songwriter. The concept behind "change you" is an idea we need to hear more of in pop songs, and the way she writes them is perfect in delivering the message. Lines like "You know I wouldn't try to change you (I wouldn't change) / I know you wouldn't wanna change me too (so don't go changing me too, babe)" are great for singing along to. "change you" acts as a reminder to the listener that you are enough, and the right person for you will recognize this.

LIZZART is an exciting up-and-coming musician with a strong artistic vision. As her debut, "change you" is currently the only single available to stream. However, plans for an EP featuring more music are well underway, with a release set for the near future. The creative output for the "change you" music video was a joint effort from LIZZART, Grammy Award-winning filmmaker Arturo Stable, Grammy-nominated producer Jake Carmona, and famed videographer Adrian Leal---and the results show. It is a stunning video with a clear artistic voice. Between her lyrical capabilities and established aesthetic, LIZZART's debut proves that her future work is something to watch out for. "change you" can be listened to on all streaming platforms now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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