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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Chasing Daylight" - Lauren Minear

“Chasing Daylight” by artist Lauren Minear is a song about moving forward and pushing towards the path of healing. What’s good about the song is. It serves as a necessary tool for someone who is struggling and is looking for inspirational guidance. The song begins by exploring the feeling of being lost and develops into a notion of perseverance. Minear expresses how her own insecurities and struggles are making this journey difficult, but she still strives to keep pushing forward. The song itself is both emotional and catchy and is a great example of the kind of artist Lauren Minear hopes to be.

“Chasing Daylight’ isn’t like your typical folk-pop sound, as there is an ominous edge as the song begins. This artistic choice introduces the conflict in this story. The lyrical content deserves a lot of credit because it does a great job of explaining the complexity of this situation, and how even the want to be better comes with a lot of mental pushback. The chorus really does get stuck in your head and has this energetic yet determined tone. Lauren Minear sounds great on this song and her voice does get the emotional tone across. Her vocal performance also matches the style of the song so well. Overall, “Chasing Daylight” is a great song and Lauren Minear has done an excellent job.

Lauren Minear is an artist based in New York. Not only is she a musician, but she is also a psychotherapist and mother. Minear uses her other experiences to formulate her music that helps portray the human experience. Minear has been very vulnerable in her music, and she makes music that helps and encourages others. Her debut album, Invisible Woman, was released in 2022 and received good reviews. Her song “Chasing Daylight” is the debut single of her upcoming sophomore album named after the single. Lauren Minear is such an interesting artist, and it will be enjoyable to see where her career goes.

Written By Chantal Charles


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