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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Classic" - Tinsley

Tinsley’s latest single is the perfect indie-pop ballad for the hopeless romantic. “Classic” is about wanting to find love that will last in the modern era of “endless swiping.” She is tired of trying to find love in a world where being replaced is as easy as swiping right on a dating app. “Classic” is about fighting for a forever love and hoping her partner feels the same way about her. In a world where the newer, shinier things are put on a pedestal, she wants her partner to look at her and say, “you’re classic.” She wants to be someone who is irreplaceable—like a classic car or vintage clothing. They do not make things like they used to, and she wants to be made to last. Tinsley kicks off the song with the ingeniously poetic line: “I don’t want to be a casualty of novelty.” This line completely catches the listener by surprise by introducing them to Tinsley’s outstanding lyricism. She immediately shows the audience that she is not a simple songwriter, but a natural-born poet who has turned their writing into an unforgettable art. The entire track is filled with similarly clever lyrics that are guaranteed to blow the minds of the listeners. In the pre-chorus, Tinsley sings, “Oh, I hope that I’m a place you never tire of returning to// I know, I know I’ll always keep this candle burning for you.” These two lines are a sweet sentiment to her partner—reassuring them that she will always be there to welcome them home. As long as she is a safe space for them, she will forever hold on to their relationship. She wants her partner to reciprocate this feeling. In the chorus, she emphasizes this notion with the lyrics: “Tell me if there’s love// Maybe its magic// Cause all I ever needed// You’re all I ever// Tell me I’m your classic.” With the clever hook, she implores her partner to love her in the way she deserves. “Classic” flawlessly encapsulates the frustrating feeling of trying to find the one in the modern world while simultaneously being the perfect summertime love song.

“Classic” is a flawlessly crafted indie-pop song that perfectly encapsulates the candid lyrics through an unforgettable production. The track immediately begins with a bass-heavy drumline before Tinsley’s compelling vocals kick off the first verse. For the first two lines, the production maintains the drumline with only simple guitar chords and keyboard notes in the background. After these lines, the guitar melody picks up and the keyboard acts as the bass that continues through the entire track. In the second half of the chorus, another keyboard is added and the guitar becomes more prominent as the chords turn to arpeggios. Through the verse and the pre-chorus, the production gradually builds towards the infectious chorus and the reveal of the hook. The chorus starts with only a beat and the keyboard for the first half before introducing the guitar in the second half. At the end of the chorus while Tinsley repeats the line: “Tell me I’m your classic,” synth-heavy vocal effects echo back the word “classic.” This provides a unique dynamic to the track that emphasizes the clever hook. Throughout the song, the production maintains a consistent sound within the verses and choruses, along with a catchy guitar solo between the second pre-chorus and the final chorus. The track ends with the production fading and the final lyric, “classic,” closing out the track. “Classic” is a very well-rounded, dynamic track with a production that is reminiscent of artists that influence Tinsley, such as Taylor Swift, Holly Humberstone, and Maggie Rogers, while making the song completely her own and showcasing her phenomenal talent.

Tinsley is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Prior to releasing music, she spent her time performing locally in small, acoustic settings and sharing her original songs on YouTube and Instagram. Then in 2017, she caught the attention of producer and electronic artist, Jake Crocker. He reached out to her via Instagram and their collaborative relationship began. In 2018, she released her first single, “In Bloom,” with Crocker. Then in 2020, she released her debut self-titled album, which was produced by Crocker. Her sophomore EP, Love Songs, is set for release on August 23, 2023. Throughout her career, Tinsley has accomplished many impressive feats, such as working with prominent producers, including Justin Hartinger and Joza. Additionally, her songs have received strong radio support and press coverage from notable tastemakers. Most recently, she headlined the Neumos Music Venue in Seattle for the Capitol Hill Block Party 2022. Tinsley music touches the hearts of listeners through her use of honest lyrics and unforgettable melodies, making her one of the next rising stars to watch!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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