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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Cold Hearted" - QUIETLOVE

Cold Hearted is the latest single from pop singer-songwriter, QUIETLOVE. His first release of 2024 after a slew of drops in 2023, Cold Hearted tells the story of QUIETLOVE falling for someone who started off as a rebound and eventually, ended up breaking his heart. The short, but sweet first verse sees him exclaiming "Love me in a crisis/Play me like a psychic/Used to be my side chick." It's clear that even though the singer once used this person as a remedy for his pain, they are now the cause of it. The second verse then elaborates when he admits that "loving [this person] is violent." The chorus is an absolute earworm and got stuck in my head after just a few listens. I can see crowds putting their lighters in the sky and chanting the relatable line "Can I be honest?/It's kinda cold hearted."

QUIETLOVE starts off Cold Hearted with some sound effects of a woman crying and a car engine starting up. As the first verse begins, the singer introduces us to his soothing voice with a quiet drum loop in the back. Though it starts off relaxing, it livens up rapidly when the chorus comes in. The drums, which were seconds earlier just a background piece, slap you in the face as they get louder and take over the song. QUIETLOVE turns from regretful to raging as he puts a bigger emphasis on his words here. The guitar in the background was just the cherry on top of a pop chorus that's sure to be glued in listeners' minds for weeks. I was reminded of Lauv's I Like Me Better and Justin Timberlake's Selfish. However, where those songs are about confessing to someone how much they've changed your life for the better, this one is quite the opposite. Much like the great Timberlake, I got a little bit of everything from QUIETLOVE's style on this track. A little pop, rock, R&B, and country. I commend him for that.

When checking out the artist's Instagram, I couldn't help but smile at his bio. "Been at it since MySpace - still highly underpaid. Loving every second of it." As someone who's been trying to make it on the internet for over a decade, I know exactly how he feels. It can be rough sometimes, but it won't seem so if passion is your main drive... and you can tell QUIETLOVE's passion is genuine. Also known as Brendan DiStefano, the Toronto singer published his first mass-released single, The Dream, in 2021 and has absolutely been on the grind since then. He has accumulated thousands of views on TikTok, was an opener for bbno$, and even released his first EP, In Spite of Everything, last year. Cold Hearted was accompanied by a music video directed by Peter DiBussolo and it makes this great song even greater. I can't wait to see what's next for QUIETLOVE... go check

him out now!

Written by Jordan Elliott



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