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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Cold" - Medhanit

“Cold” discusses a securement in one’s personhood amidst those who lack such feelings. Despite its title, the song is warm and full of life. Medhanit rejects the coldness of the person to whom the song seems directed, “you put words in my mouth and I spit them out” she sings in one of the most encapsulating lines of the piece. Instead, she is embracing empathy and a joyous way of living. She tells the subject to wrap their mind around her own mindset to “talk about it”. Even small moments of empathy can be found in her telling them to be quiet, someone is sleeping. Her utter rejection of melancholy is one based in self-assurance, with lyrics such as “I’m putting on a show” and other admissions of emotion being asserted with confidence and genuine care. “Cold” reminds the listener to write off those who may try to lower the temperature of the whole room with them.

The song begins jumping right into its upbeat tone. A techno-sounding voiceover introduces Medhanit before she sings her immediately straightforward and unavoidably catchy lyrics. The song is packed full of these lyrics, never giving the opposition the chance to get a word in. She never pauses, instead moves forward with her message and does so with nothing but positivity. The music is fast paced from the start but only increases its speed as she continues. The instrumentals are formed from a variety of sources, all perfectly synchronized and active, but it is Medhanit’s voice that draws the most attention. Unique and compelling, her voice is used as an instrument of its own and it is absolutely electric. From start to close, “Cold” creates an energetic atmosphere that makes the replay button addictive.

Medhanit is a Tasmanian based artist who grew up physically surrounded by music. Her father owned a music store, where she could be found frequently napping in the sound room. She began exploring her own independent interest in music with lessons in guitar and piano at a young age. By high school, she was performing live shows and soon enough these would lead her to meet the producer of her debut single “Her”. Continuing her iconic live performances has been a growing influence on her art. She tends to focus on deeply important issues and feelings within a song that can be just as easily danced to as analyzed and dissected. She’s performed pieces like these at Mona Foma, the Junction Arts Festival, Party in the Paddock and more. Her performing ability has even led her to singing with PNAU. “Cold” is a prime example of this talent, stream it and follow Medhanit below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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