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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Come Home" - Thomas Day

Loving someone from afar can transpire as the result of multiple events. But most people commonly think of it as the result of an unrequited love; the admirer consigns to loving the beloved from a distance because the beloved does not share the same romantic feelings. Another common result features taking the term afar quite literally; the admirer and the beloved find themselves loving one another from a great distance. Thomas Day offers listeners the opportunity to think about loving someone from afar as the result of heartbreak in his latest single, “Come Home”.

“Come Home” centers on the process of healing after enduring heartbreak. Primarily, listeners get to witness Day’s healing alongside their former partner’s. The opening verses of the acoustic guitar ballad showcase that the healing process is different for everyone. The first step that you take to heal might not be the same step another person chooses to take as well. The former partner within this single has decided to find themselves. They're rediscovering who they are as a person outside of a relationship as their first step of healing. Whereas in the following pre-chorus, listeners hear that Day’s first step is accepting the end of the relationship. Day even finds themselves wondering “if in another love, [they] could’ve got it right”. This swells to an emotive high within the chorus as our artist shares his vulnerability with the listening audience. While he desires to be back in the relationship – by wanting the former partner to “come home” - he understands and recognizes that this would hinder the personal growth of his former partner and by extension, himself. This understanding is emphasized in the second verse, where Day states that: “I know you had your reasons / And I can't reason with that”. Despite Day’s yearning to “fix [their] mistakes” within the relationship in the powerful bridge, he’s not willing to jeopardize their former partner’s first step of healing over it. Leaving Day to love them from afar as they both continue to heal. “Come Home” displays that loving from afar is necessary when you're respecting a former partner's emotional space to grow and move on from the connection. In doing so, we let them find inner peace as we grapple with our own.

Tennessee native, Thomas Day, captures hearts with their expressive songwriting and falsetto vocals. The artist’s discography feels like one grand story; with each song acting as an additional chapter of their life that they’ve decided to share with fans. Currently, Day finds himself as the opening act for David Kushner’s Daylight Tour for the Los Angeles and Chicago dates. If you missed the opportunity to see Day perform live, don’t fret, there’s plenty of singles from the artist to keep yourself busy with until they release more music and performance dates. The best way to keep up and stay informed of either is by following Thomas Day's socials. And as always, show them some virtual love in the form of streams and likes.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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