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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "CoverGirl" - Aubryanna

In today’s societal standards, many of us can’t help but compare ourselves to the models and influencers we see online. We may think to ourselves, why couldn’t I have been blessed with such clear and polished skin? Why couldn’t I have perfect eyes, and beautiful irises akin to the gorgeous sea that capture the attention of others? Why couldn’t I just be perfect? These are questions that seem to monopolize the minds of many people, mostly those of the younger generations, as they are more likely to fall into the notion that we all must look a certain way to be considered beautiful. And yet, we seem to overlook all the beguiling attributes about ourselves that get swallowed by the unattainable and the asinine standards society pressures us with. To conquer this, we need to come to accept ourselves as who we are. With our flaws, and all our imperfections. We cannot continue to compare ourselves to the – likely – fanciful images we are shown throughout the media. Once we can accept ourselves for who we are, and kindly appreciate all the attributes we are all so uniquely gifted with, we begin to empower not only ourselves but those who also struggle with self-acceptance. CoverGirl, by Aubryanna, is an exemplary song that does just that. It describes empowerment and calls for self-love, to dismiss all the perfect faces we see throughout society, and to love ourselves. At the start of the song, Aubryanna describes a situation about a CoverGirl who is absolute perfection. She catches the eyes of everyone, they all seem to want this girl, and others yearn for her statuesque body. However, from the beginning, it seems Aubryanna was aware that she would never be this CoverGirl. She was invariably cognizant of how different she was with everything this CoverGirl did. The artists even describe how she could be that CoverGirl if she truly wanted to. Yet, she doesn’t want to. She’s aware of her own perfections and appreciates herself for who she is, and no CoverGirl is going to change that.

The song seems to carry out a bold tune, it says to me, I’m here. It’s out there. It’s confident. Just like Aubryanna’s empowering message for all her listeners. Her voice matches the significance of the song well, I can hear the motives in her vocals and the message she wants to convey. I can hear her confidence ripple throughout the beat. It not only will convince other listeners to listen, but it will also convince them to follow her important message. This song heals old parts of me. From a very young age, I was constantly comparing myself. I had attributes that other girls my age didn’t have, and it set me apart from the rest. It caused me to have insecurities that followed me as I went into junior high and even in high school. It was hard for me to see anything good in me. However, as I aged, I realized that I needed to come to love myself and accept myself. Especially right now with how demanding society is, forcing younger girls to grow up faster. This song is imperative for ourselves and younger generations and it is also so momentous. We have an emancipating voice, Aubryanna, telling us to cherish ourselves. It’s empowering, a message that I think needs to be shouted from rooftops and touch the hearts of other listeners as how it has touched my own.

Aubryanna, the amazingly talented singer behind the song, is a singer/songwriter exploring the genres of Pop and R&B. CoverGirl is her debut single, a song that explores the bold colors of empowerment. Although CoverGirl is Aubryanna’s first-ever single, she has been in tune with singing since she was little, exploring just how far her musical talents could exceed, falling in love with music. That spark ignited more and more as she grew older, pushing her to release a song for the public to hear, sharing her talents with listeners who could quite possibly appreciate Aubryanna’s innate talents. Continue to follow Aubryanna throughout her journey as a singer as Aubryanna has a lot more left in her that she would like to further express. I cannot wait to hear more and will be following along her journey as a rising singer.

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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