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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "crazy bout u" - Kayla Mercuri

Kayla Mercuri’s latest single is a fiery track that is guaranteed to replay in the minds of listeners. “crazy bout u” is about the unmistakable chemistry between two people. It depicts the kind of desire that cannot be ignored, like a magnetic force pulling them together. Mercuri wrote this song to encourage listeners to take a leap of faith and chase the one they want the most. The track contains passionate lyrics that effortlessly describe this irresistible attraction. The first verse introduces the audience to the picture-perfect scene, with Mercuri illustrating her partner and the effect they have on her. In the pre-chorus, she sings, “Is this a safe place to fall?// But part of me don’t care at all,” providing a brief glimpse into her fear, before she shoves it into the depths of her mind and switches focus on the desire. Then in the chorus, Mercuri sings the unforgettable hook: “Crazy bout you// And the way that you move//Doesn’t matter what you do// I want you more and more.” She is completely smitten by her partner. She is obsessed with everything they do and everything they say. She reinforces this in the bridge with the lyrics: “I steal one look and I want you baby, want you baby// You’re on my mind and I think about you on the daily// You call my name and my vision’s hazy, can you blame me?// You keep this up, I’ll be forever yours, forever baby.” Mercuri confesses that this is not just a temporary fling, but that she is fully committed, if they will have her. This serves as a reminder that, sometimes, throwing all caution to the wind and jumping into this type of compelling romance can lead to a forever partnership. Furthermore, these lines fulfill Mercuri’s purpose for writing this track—to inspire listeners to take a chance. With “crazy bout u”, she showcases her undeniable talent while encouraging audiences to do things they may never have had the courage to do before.

“crazy bout u” is an infectious pop song composed of a sultry production that complements the seductive lyrics. The song begins with a dark synth intro that is swiftly cut off by Mercuri’s alluring vocals and the soothing keyboard sounds. As the song continues, synth sound effects are added periodically to the background, providing a unique element to the track. Once the pre-chorus hits, the song begins to intensify before breaking out to the full production in the chorus. At this point, the beat switches gears by transforming the track into a sensual dance pop production. The song reveals itself as the perfect single for a night out with friends at a club, dancing along to the enticing rhythm. Throughout the track, a hi-hat cymbal sound ebbs and flows adding a satisfying dynamic to the song. Additionally, the beat patterns of the bass are reminiscent of the R&B style, further enhancing the unique production. After the bridge ends, the production becomes muffled with Mercuri’s vocals faintly heard in the background. This creates a feeling of anticipation within the listener as they await the inevitable explosion back into the full production. The chorus returns for one last time, before the song completely switches to the intense electronica outro that catches the listener off guard. Mercuri astonishes fans with the diverse production paired with her angelic voice. “crazy bout u” is a flawless dance song that utilizes influences from multiple subgenres to create one ultimate pop dance track.

Kayla Mercuri is an independent pop singer-songwriter based in Boston. Her music career kicked off in 2014 when she traveled to Los Angeles to record three original songs. These tracks debuted on a Boston-area college radio. Then in 2015, she released her debut EP, Notions, which was produced by Michael Bruno of the band Honor Society. Her lead single, “Trusted”, earned Mercuri recognition as a top-ten finalist for the 2016 New England Music Radar Award. After a five-year hiatus, she returned with her sophomore EP, No Turning Back. Since then, she has continued to dedicate her time to her music career. After a couple standalone singles throughout the past few years, “crazy bout u” is her first track of 2023. She is ready to take the world by storm and show the music industry what she has to offer.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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