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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Delilah" - EMM

Giving us a fresh, hard-hitting industrial pop single, EMM has written and released her new hit, "Delilah." The bold track draws inspiration from a scene in Diary of a Mad Black Woman that depicts the ex-wife of an abusive man finding herself in a caretaker role after he becomes paralyzed. In this position, she struggles to decide whether or not to take revenge for the things he did to her. EMM explains, “The story of Delilah is a bible story where a woman uses her power to drain a man of his strength. I saw a TikTok that said 'most men would leave immediately if they were treated as poorly as women are often treated, and women are far more likely to stay.'” The combination of the scene from the film and the message the TikTok conveyed helped inspire the merciless lyrics present in "Delilah." EMM's message she conveys with the new track is that women shouldn't tolerate things that their male counterparts wouldn't put up with; instead, they should demand justice.

EMM shows off with huge, powerful vocals in this vengeful track. "Delilah" is an aggresive combination of dark synthpop and dance pop, featuring a synth-laden soundscape and unforgiving melodies. EMM channels her inner Sia and Rhianna with her rich, resounding pop vocals, flawlessly building the intense, acrimonious energy woven throughout the song. The post-chorus was influenced by an industrial pop version of The Weeknd, ending the song on a haunting note. Between the heavy hitting pop beats and the satisfying plethora of vocal effects, "Delilah" is a nuanced masterpiece that listeners will have playing on repeat.

Hailing from Los Angeles, EMM is a self-made multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and pop artist. She is a force to be reckoned with, embodying the persona of a woman who doesn't cater to the entertainment of others. EMM is an unapologetic artist, rising above stereotypes given to women and other female artists. Being able to stand with some of pop's greatest female vocalists, EMM boasts a 4-octave range and an impressively lyrical voice. She has enjoyed much success so far, amassing over 100 million independent streams. Expecting 2023 to be an epic year for EMM, she has been gearing up for her July 12th performance at the Roxy in LA. She is also set to release her secret project, GENESIS, which is a two-piece documentary and live performance that highlights women's experiences in music, diving into the difficult topic of sexual abuse in the music industry.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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