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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Delusion" - Edie Yvonne

The latest single by artist Edie Yvonne, “Delusion,” is a fun indie pop track about the complexity of being young and learning more about yourself. The song has fun with itself, but there is still a level of youthful angst that pairs nicely with the self-awareness within the song. The pictures painted by the lyrical content are fun to explore and they bring color to listeners. Yvonne’s voice works so well with this song style and her vocal performance on this track is executed perfectly. A lot of parts of this song are so well put together, from the production to the instrumentals. Edie Yvonne shows a lot of talent on “Delusion,” and it certainly is a fun experience to tune in.

The introduction of the song does well in presenting the tone in which this track takes place. From the beginning, listeners can agree on how catchy this track is and how easily the beat gets stuck in your head. What’s interesting about the lyrical content is how on one end we have the speaker “making potions” which expresses their want of control over the situation, but we also see the expressed confusion later in the chorus. This complexity represents very well what it is like to be young and on the path of finding normality. Going back to the chorus, Edie Yvonne sounds great on it, and it uses elements of not just indie pop but some indie rock as well. It’s fun how the song ends in a similar fashion as it started, and it brings the story to a nice full-circle moment. Overall, “Delusion” is a great track, and it was fun to see what kind of artist Edie Yvonne is.

Edie Yvonne is a 15-year-old LA-based artist who not only works in music but in film as well. She has done really well for someone so young, as her past releases have cultivated a great number of streams. A lot of Yvonne’s songs come from a very personal place and it's clear how much of herself she puts into her craft. She is currently working on an album to be called “GIRL CODE.” Edie Yvonne is certainly an interesting artist and a true breath of fresh air as she brings something so bright and real with her music. Listening to “Delusion” was such an enjoyable time and it was wonderful to get to know Edie Yvonne.

Written By Chantal Charles


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