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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Die For" - bby ivy

Last year, Norwegian singer/songwriter bby ivy detached herself from the intimacy of the world. "I'm in my UFO, escaping all I know," she sang on the trip-pop single "UFO." You can hear the sting in her voice as she yanked away the wires connecting her to others. With her first single of 2023, "Die For," bby ivy comes back down to earth ready to reignite the flame. The song continues the dark electro-pop she's been known for, but her voice is more commanding and impassioned than ever. The pop artist slides through a hypnotic melody, winding around words of devotion like she's casting a spell. In the bridge, love's intensity is rendered by a deliciously gritty guitar solo. Taken in whole, "Die For" is cinematic in quality, squeezing out every drop of passion through atmospheric synths and a pounding drum machine.

The cover of "Die For" pictures bby ivy in a state of contemplation. While her face is obstructed, the stormy backdrop imbued a sense of reflection and searching. In the lyrics, the subject of her rumination comes into sharp relief. "I don't know how to explain my love for you." The emotions are intense and stirring, like rumbling clouds and waves rolling onto a rocky beach, but they escape a fitting description. For what it's worth, bby ivy writes indelibly of dedication and love's passion, bridging any gaps with her vocal performance. "You're the fire and the spark," she calls into the night. After removing herself from the toils of connection, the singer/songwriter has found the fire relit, brighter and hotter than ever.

Brought up in a musical family, bby ivy always had music within her. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter entered the pop scene in 2020 with a bold and polished introduction. She debuted with the experience of an industry veteran, having already toured and featured on broadcast stations across Europe. Her notable feature on DJ Mangoo's, "Happi" has garnered over four million streams on spotify alone. "Die For" was written alongside Nova Blue, who also produced the track. No release date has been set, but she has stated that "Die For" is only the first in a new set of songs to be released. What remains clear is that bby ivy is a true rising star in the global pop scene.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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