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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Different Houses" - St. Lundi

British singer-songwriter St. Lundi has just released his first single of 2024, “Different Houses.” This song divulges into his experience with his parents divorce with unparalleled vulnerability and maturity. The song begins without a mention of the divorce, rather of the heartbreak he experienced at 12 years old. It secretly tore him apart, but he tried to hide it. As all of us do, we naturally idolize our parents, but in St. Lundi’s case, watching their love fall apart really hurt him. For him, it was always, “a different house, a different day/seeing the car pulling away, feel the tears run down my face.” Even though the tradeoff between his parents happened all the time, it didn’t sting any less when he had to say goodbye to each of his parents. His parents tried to sympathize with him, trying to comfort him by saying he’s not to blame and they understand his pain, but St. Lundi was never convinced they actually did. He talks about how his siblings reacted - his brother turned to rage and anger while his sister was suffering in silence. Despite the overarching themes of heartbreak and sadness, St. Lundi still adds a positive message into the song: despite his parents divorce, they’re still a family, even though they live in different houses. 

“Different Houses” is a genuine, heart-wrenching track, even if you haven’t been affected by divorce. In the verses, the production is solemnly barren, with a focus on St. Lundi’s vocals. The orchestral strings in this song give it this oceanic feeling, with the strings staying calm in the verses but swelling in the choruses. In the choruses, St. Lundi harnesses the intense emotions he feels along with the dramatization of the production. St. Lundi also includes some folk pop elements with the use of a plucked acoustic guitar throughout the track. The emotions that St. Lundi conveys in his singing and lyrics translate so well to the production of the song. It’s clear that he is unafraid to be vulnerable and how he doesn’t shy away from discussing personal matters. 

St. Lundi is a singer-songwriter hailing from Hayling Island on the South Coast of the UK. He first broke out into the music scene with his debut release “You’ve Got the Wrong Guy” in March of 2020. Despite having very few music releases under his belt, he worked with Norwegian mega-stars Kygo and Seeb in 2020 and 2021, respectively. In July of 2020, he released his first EP, “Heavy Words.” Since then, he has had many remarkable hits, such as “Nights Like This,” which currently boasts over 68 million streams on Spotify alone. As of now, St. Lundi has garnered almost 900k monthly listeners on Spotify, and is set to release his first LP “Island” in fall 2024. It’s clear this LP and all of his future music will continue to showcase St. Lundi’s musical talents time and time again.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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