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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Disappoint Me” - Magz

Magz’s newest single, “Disappoint Me,” is a moody pop anthem airing out grievances about an ex-partner and their betrayals. It’s as catchy as it is cathartic. The track’s dark, R&B-inspired aesthetics paired with Magz’s stunning lower register vocals create a low-key groove. Yet the scathing lyricism and passionate vocal delivery make the single ideal for a post-breakup scream session, which, let’s be honest, is way more fun. It’s angry and honest. Magz calls the “Disappoint Me” a “main character revenge era” anthem, and that completely tracks. It’s a song to blast when you need a reminder that they lost you— not the other way around. On “Disappoint Me,” Magz creates the best kind of breakup song: the type that eloquently expresses the feelings your going through, while also being a great pick me up; a song that reminds you you’re the main character and that you don’t need them.

The best part of “Disappoint Me” is, by far, Magz’ lyrics. She goes in on this person and doesn’t hold back. Like at all. Lyrics like “I never brought out the worst in you / it’s something you choose to do“ are just of one, hard-hitting cuts into someone who betrayed her. Magz has a strong ability to convey such confidence and self-assuredness while also authentically writing feelings of anger and heartbreak. The instrumental is equally dynamic and emotionally resonate. With dramatic piano interludes and a massive sounding drum beat match the song sounds as angry as the lyrics. You can’t listen to “Disappoint  Me” and not want to start power walking thinking about how much they’ve done you wrong; it’s just impossible. From its writing to its production, on all levels the track is an expertly crafted song.

Magz is a New York based singer, songwriter and producer. She made her official debut in 2020 with the single “Sorry,”   and has only grown from there. Since then she released several singles and her first project, the seven track EP “The Memory.”  The project received critical acclaim and scored Magz her biggest hit yet, the eponymous track which has reached over 200,000 streams on Spotify. Magz currently has over 21,000 monthly listeners on the platform as well. Magz’s music is  often based on showcasing emotional vulnerability under lowkey, pop, R&B, and acoustic instrumentals. If you’re a fan of artists like Alessia Cara or Billie Eillish, you’re bound to enjoy her sound. “The Memory” was such a strong debut record and “Disappoint Me” promises more exciting releases to come. You can listen to “Disappoint Me,” along with the rest of Magz’ discography on streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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